‘I Let You Go’ by Clare Mackintosh

My Rating: pawprint pawprint pawprint pawprint grey-paw-print-hi
 4 out of 5 stars

When I first started to read ‘I Let You Go’ I struggled to keep reading as I found the story line wasn’t progressing as much as I would have liked, however I persevered and before I knew it I couldn’t put the book down and finished it all in one night. The first twist was incredible, it was something I would never have expected and made me question everything I had previously read. On top of that I found the the characters to be believable and the level of detail and emotion to be perfect.

The one negative thing I do have to say is that there is a twist towards the end of the book, regarding the reason behind the incident, which I believe wasn’t necessary. The book was dramatic enough and I found it to be unbelievable as it was incredibly circumstantial.

Overall it was a great read and I would highly recommend this book.

You can visit my Goodread profile by clicking here and the next book I will be reading is ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ by S.J. Watson.


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