Cake Decorating Ideas

Whilst searching for inspiration for my Valentine’s Day cake, I’d thought I’d share a couple of the cakes I have previously made and decorated…


This was the cake I made for my little sister’s 15th birthday. As she isn’t a massive fan of cakes I decided  to make a vanilla sponge and covered it in her two favourite things… strawberries and chocolate!


For my Grandad I decided to make a golf themed cake, as he is an avid golfer. I started off by making a chocolate cake and covering it in green icing. I then cut a circular piece out of the icing to make the hole. I made the bunker by crushing digestives and sprinkling them on to a shape I had drawn with writing icing and surrounded with chocolate raisins. The golf ball is simply a ball of white icing with poke marks on and the flag is tissue paper and a lolly pop stick. I am pretty proud of it!


I made this for my Dad as he loves Mini eggs. It is a simple design but I enjoyed decorating it and it would be a great design to do at Easter.


This is my little Sister’s 16th birthday cake. I chose a music design as she is an amazing piano player.


Finally we come to my Step-Dad’s birthday cake. He loves to BBQ. He will BBQ in the rain and the snow if it came to it! Most of the decoration is made out icing that I coloured myself, which got very messy! first of all I covered the cake in red icing. Then I cut a large circle out of the top and laid grey strips of icing on it to look like a grill. In between the bars I used black writing icing. The scorch marks on the meat was done by denting the icing with a ruler and filling them in with black food colouring.

I hope you like them and try them out!


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