‘Hide and Seek’ by M J Arlidge

‘Before I start I would like to say that if you have not read the rest of the DI Helen Grace series then read no further! You must go read them now! They are fantastic books and deserve to be read. You can buy the first book, Eeny Meeny, here.


My rating: pawprint pawprint pawprint pawprint grey-paw-print-hi

This book has raised my expectations for the DI Helen Grace series as the story lines were being to get repetitive, however I think the use of a prison as the main setting was a great idea. It created a way to introduce an array of new and exciting characters without making it confusing for the reader, and it was nice to read about Helen’s struggles in the prison as it made her appear more human, compared to the unstoppable force we previously knew her as.

As for the Murder’s M.O, I doubt I will ever forget the gruesome description that M J Arlidge provided, but everything was very creative and well thought out and as for who the killer is…

Well I never saw them coming.

You can visit my Goodread profile by clicking here and the next book I have chosen is ‘Dreamwalker’ by J D Oswald, which is completely out of my comfort zone, as it is a fantasy book, but I am looking forward to telling you all about it soon!


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