Whilst I was hunting for books in the charity shops around Ipswich, I found a beautiful lantern. It was a bit beaten up but for £1 I thought it was a bargain! Now all I needed to do was make it my own…

So I went down to Wilko and looked at their range of spray paints. I was originally going to re-spray it white, but when I saw this lovely baby blue colour I knew I had to buy it. You can buy it here for only £3.


The next step was to very carefully remove each panel of glass from the lantern and clean them. I then went round to my Mum’s garden and hung the lantern from the washing line using a piece of string as shown below. I then coated the lantern with several layers of spray paint, leaving it to dry in between.


When I returned home I placed the panes of glass back in to the lantern and the results were beautiful. I am very proud of the transformation as it is the first time I have ever done something like this. I hope you like it too!



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