‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue

My rating: pawprint  pawprint pawprint  grey-paw-print-hi  grey-paw-print-hi 3 out of 5

This book is very similar to ‘Baby Doll’ by Hollie Overton in the way in which it is a story about a character’s recovery after an abduction, but this time it is told by Jack, a five year old boy whose life inside the Room is all he has ever known.

The use of language in this book is incredible. It is inventive, unique and if someone told me that it was actually written by a child, I wouldn’t doubt it for a second. The way Emma writes is so realistic that at times I felt uncomfortable reading it because it felt so personal, like I was reading someone’s diary and after reading about Jack experiencing the world for the first time I found my self looking at things differently and made me appreciate what I have. I was also impressed by how the psychological aspects were cleverly incorporated, without being glaringly obvious.

I would recommend this book just for the impressive writing style, however it didn’t make me feel any heightened emotion, such as excitement or sadness, so I felt a little bit disappointed when I finished it.

You can visit my Goodreads profile by clicking here. I went a bit mad recently in the charity shops around town and bought lots of books to read, but I’d love some suggestions, so leave me a comment!



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